The road to 3.5 in a nutshell

So where do i start?

Right after Sabayon Linux 3.4F mini released I completely focused on entropy.

I spend evenings testing equo, reporting back to Fabio. At some point I’ve reinstalled 3.4f like 12 times to test the upgrade procedure to Sabayon Linux 3.5 Loop 1 using only equo as a tool.
That was dirty but important work and now its all paying off!

Equo stabilised and we could start thinking about a GUI. Forking off Yum Extender Spritz was born. Meanwhile i worked on growing our repositories and slowly things started to grow and grow.

The project site was moved to a Level3 server in Amsterdam. Better server, greater bandwith, better deal. Actually it was cheaper so there wasn’t much to think about.

We knew we needed to upscale our server capabilities and certainly needed the bandwith to be able to serve up our fresh repositories. We needed money.

I’ve contacted the people at and they helped us out great. We quickly got a full mirror and thanks to them and applied for funds we needed at We were more then excited to hear we got chosen after some pre-sellection. With the funds we had allot less to worry about and really could focus on the plan Fabio created.

Meanwhile more and more people started hooking up to the project. Beta testers, translators and developers. Its great to see how it all comes togheter now.

Big thanks to everybody involved.

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