Relaxing in Amsterdam

After a bussy and confusing week i was glad this Amsterdam weekend trip was planned.

I had a quick meeting with Armin Wintasunn we had some coffee at the Spui. I admire the guy as he really creates art on the web. proof

Since i mostly meet new people on the internet and meet them in person later, it’s always a funny thing when you sit and wait in a very crowded city waiting not nowing how someone you kinda know good enough looks like. So this meeting started funny when Armin phoned me standing just 1 meter next to me.

After quick decissions made about a project we might do, we seperated paths.

Spend the afternoon in the Vondel Park with my wife and kids. Its a nice place to chill out a bit. An oase of rest in a world city.

Oooh incase you missed it, yesterday the CD version of Sabayon linux got released. Under the codename “Pod” you’ll have a nice small and elegant XFCE desktop. check it out

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