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CrossOver Chromium

In addition to my previous post, my friend from Brasil pointed out that Codeweavers created a more elegant way to play with Google Chrome.



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Google chrome under Wine

While it still is beta, like anything from Google, it is possible to run Google chrome on Sabayon.

We need to download the installer first:

Click to install it and notice that a desktop icon for Chrome is created. Now open up a terminal and edit this file.

nano Google\ Chrome.desktop

Edit the line so it looks like this:

Exec[$e]=env WINEPREFIX=”/home/joost/.wine” wine “C:\\windows\\profiles\\joost\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe” –new-http –in-process-plugins

As you can see i’ve added –new-http –in-process-plugins to that line (outside the quotes).

Now fire op Chrome from your desktop icon.
I noticed that on KDE the top panel overlaps, so might wanna drag it away to the side.

Happy hacking!


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