The road to Sabayon 4.0

Our team is growing stronger and everybody is working hard to get things in shape. I think its like 2 months ago that we decided to write down an organisation structure in wich everybody invloved gets a place and its tasks.

We needed to make this step to get things done faster and work more efficient on the project.
A real important position in this all would be the desktop users voice. It was obvious to ask Kelly Schwartz (wolfden) to take this position (CCO – Chief Community Officer) and he accepted it.

Our CCO knows whats going on in the community, problems people run into and also things people would like in the distro or don’t. Our CCO now has a direct voice under Fabio and this means our intentions are to really make this distro suit perfect for our community.

Besides the CCO allot of positions are taken and some new people hooked up to the project, wich is great, but we still need more people on our development team. So if you think you can offer help in means of Bash/Python scripting or can help on the ebuilds in our overlay please contact us.

While i’m allready working on the 4.0 branch you might know that an interim release is planned. Sabayon 3.5.1 will be released soon and will diff 400+ package updates since sabayon 3.5 released. Also some other patches are applied to it.

So about 4.0, what can you expect?

KDE 4.1.2
Gnome 2.24
latest xorg (hopefully the AMD/ATI driver will be ready for it soon)
and allot more.

We also changed the chost on the 32bits version. So it will be i686. This means that each package needed to be recompiled and thus gets a revision in Entropy. In short this means that by the time you want to upgrade to 4.0 using Entropy, each package will be updated. On the amd64 4.0 branch this will not be necessary.

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