Creating a backup for entropy.

Entropy and its tools offer allot of things you might never guessed.

Lets take spritz and create a backup from our local client database. Its wise to make a backup of this client database every now and then because this holds all the information about your system installed packages.

Just hit “New Backup” and it will create a backup that we can use later in case of an emergency.

Running equo database backup will do the same thing.

I want to note that there are 2 databases that entropy uses.

  • The online database that holds entries about every package you can install. This is the database that gets updated when you run “equo update”. If for whatever reason this database get damaged, or when you cannot seem to update it using equo update, you can simply overwrite it and download a fresh new one using equo update –force.

  • The client database that holds everything you have installed on your system. When this gets corrupted OR removed you are screwed unless you have a very recent backup made as i explained above.

Now if for whatever reason the client database is removed/corrupt and you didn’t make any backup, there is one option that we can try to regenerate the client database.
Because we know from our online database what files belong to what package, we can scan the filesystem and poll the database and recreate our client database.

So if there is no way to get your things back togheter using a backup you can at the end of the line use our special escape: equo database resurrect

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