Entropy UGC

Ever since we launched the new website and implemented UGC (User Generated Content) in entropy it looks like it never came clear what this is all about. Let me try to put some light in the dark here and explain about the purpose about it.

We wanted to combine web 2.0 functionality with our packagemanager.
A user should be able to login into spritz and rate a package and further more, add some media to it so other users can see this using either spritz or directly from the web.

So what lxnay did was translate the phpbb functions into our own python api that would make interaction between forum and entropy UGC possible.

You might not have noticed it yet, but if you double click on a package in spritz this will open a new dialog presenting some more details about this package. How its build and when and more details you might never need to know.

Simply click on + add document here to add your own picture / howto / comment / youtube video to share with other users.

The same thing is possible using the webinterface, just go to


Easy as pie i’d say.
Just use your forum account to login and share with others!

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