Blogging from the Linux desktop

Now that Gnome 2.26 is finally in Entropy i was looking at some stuff to highlight a bit.

Incase you missed it, Spritz got renamed to Sulfur this week. If you haven’t allready installed it yet, check it out! The idea behind it was to by default offer a less complex interface for the comfort of lesser experienced people out there. You can simply switch to the older interface with all the options by selecting the “Advanced Mode” from the Sulfur top menu.

One of the recent added programs to portage is “Choqok” I nice micro-blogging application thats well designed in Qt4. It has inituative tabs and lets you, on Twitter, Re-Tweet Favorite and reply easily.

Another nice application for the more intense blogging work i’ve found got very recently added to Portage. Bilbo Blogger.

This program offers you a rich text editor to write your blog and depending on the API that the blogsite provides, it even lets you add images easily. Setting up the account is done by simply dumping in the link to your blog and your credentials.

Meanwhile i can tell you that we are on schedule for the next comming Sabayon Linux G 4.2 release. If you allready have Sabayon 4 and keep it up2date using Entropy, there will be no need to install it. All the artwork related to it is rolling in Entropy as we speak. So when you are Entropy world updated a 4.2 will be visable when you startup your machine.

Last but not least, I came across a nice video about why Linux sucks. Check it out because its all true! (ok most of it)

  1. #1 by Fitzcarraldo on June 3, 2009 - 11:27 pm

    Thanks for posting the link to the video; I enjoyed watching it. What he says about the shortcomings of Linux are well known to seasoned Linux users, but it's still good that someone gets up from time to time to remind us of them (which is why Linux Hater's blog was useful as well as entertaining). Anyone who frequents a Linux distribution's forums will see the problems he mentions crop up time and time again, and these are major stumbling blocks to the adoption of Linux by the the general public, or even by computer-savvy users who just want to use their PCs. The widespread use of Linux on the desktop will continue to be a pipe dream until these issues are resolved. Linux is my preferred OS for daily use at home and at work, but this is probably because I enjoying tinkering and fixing things (necessary too often, unfortunately). Were it not for this, I wouldn't be a Linux user. If more effort were focused on improving quality and less on reinventing the wheel or change for change's sake then this would help, but I don't think the free open-source paradigm, which is rather 'anarchistic', lends itself well to this in general.

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